“Step across to the Dark Side to unleash your tone!”



Stompbox Stash offers  daily tips about guitar fx with David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) in mind, to assist you in getting his astonishing tone. ‘It’s more than the fingers.’

Here for you.

Aiming to specialise in stocking my shop with fx based around David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix etc.  


So, how does one occupy themself when away from the constraints of every day life?  

I am Enzo, PGA Assistant Professional Golfer and self proclaimed ‘Gilmour Gear Geek.’    

I’m here to help you find your dream guitar gear, to share my knowledge on years of research into David’s Rigs and to build a community atmosphere for my Reverb shop.  

Don’t feel you have to make a purchase to ask me for advice, just drop me an email, alternatively, message me on social media!

This will never be my full time job, it’s just giving back to the guitar community something that I got out of it. Different to what already exists, after all, guitar is my passion, my hobby!

I aim for it to stay that way, but what a great way to try effects I generally couldn’t justify and give you the chance to own them!

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